Farm News

Farm News


"Palmer" born November 2, 2016

Alvirne Farm's newest calf was born November 2, 2016. In honor of Webb Palmer, she has been given the name “Palmer.” At just a week old, Calf Club members have already started working with her. She's been introduced to a halter and lead and has made her debut around the farm. Check back for updates on her journey.

September 2016

Alvirne Farm would like to shout out a grateful thank you to Charlie McQuesten, of Litchfield's McQuesten farm, for donating his cornfield to our farm for silage. This year's drought has wreaked havoc with all the farmers in New Hampshire, as a result, McQuesten's 2-acre corn field suffered from the dry weather and severe scavenging of the crop from wild birds. Normally, the corn is plowed under and added to the soil, however, Mr. McQuesten kindly offered up the crop for silage to help feed our dairy cows here at the farm.

Our farm manager, Emery Nadeau, grows all the feed needed for our cows, both corn and hay. In an average year there is more than enough hay for our bovines plus additional which is sold to local horse farms. Because of the drought conditions this year, the hay and silage produced are way down.

Silage is the entire corn plant that is chopped at harvest and fermented in large bunkers. Normally, the bunkers here on the farm are chock full--not so this year. Dairy farms across the state are suffering huge losses, New Hampshire has lost more than 9 dairy farms this year alone. We appreciate our fellow farmers and neighbors who have come to our aid during this terrible drought.

The cows at our dairy will benefit greatly, through the generosity of the McQuesten family and local businessmen, Teddy Sui of Senter Farms, Shawn Jasper, Kevin Slattery and Peter Nash who allow the hay produced on their land to be used by Alvirne's farm.

Our sincere thanks.

Shade Structure Offers Cooling Care for Cows

Spring 2016
Alvirne Farm's new shade structure will provide cool shade during the heat of the summer and a dry place to hang out during inclement weather in all seasons. The cows at Alvirne frollick outside in the fresh air as part of their daily routine. Happy cows are healthy cows and every effort is made to insure that Alvirne cows are comfortable and happy. The cows needed no special invitation as they began using the shade immediately after the project was completed. In fact, in the photo below, the cows started hanging out under the structure even before the nice soft bed of sand had been spread. Stop by and see the ladies enjoying their new space.

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